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I started thinking about family portraits and what works well and it basically boils down to three things.
Taking your family, particularly small children, to a studio can be quite a stressful experience.
You feel more relaxed in your own home, it's only natural.
The more relaxed the person in front of the camera is, the better the shots turn out.
So the obvious answer is to have the pictures taken in your own home.
girl in a pink dress

I can come to your home (or anywhere else you choose) and spend a little time getting to know your family and taking portraits that reflect who you are.
You can then choose your 10 favourite pictures and I'll edit them in Photoshop so that everyone looks their best.

Included in this price you get 10 free 5" x 7.5" prints and a disk of your chosen images ready to put up on your favourite social networking site (Facebook, MySpace etc).
If you'd like to get more prints, a canvas for the wall or a calendar for your desk, all you need to do is ask.
Prices start at £150.
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