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Wedding Photography FAQ

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What sort of photography do you do?
It tends to be a mixture of the reportage type capturing things as they happen and group shots if requested.
The pictures that make me smile the most are the really natural ones showing people just having a great time, often without them being aware I even took their picture.
The main thing for me is that you're happy. Just tell me what you want and that's what you get.

How long will you stay on the day?
Usually from the preparations right through to the first dance.
I only do one wedding per day so I won't be dashing off and when things overrun the expected times (as they do with most weddings) I won't be looking at my watch.
If you feel that you would only need me for a shorter time, we can discuss that and it would be reflected in the price you pay.

How many pictures will we get?
That varies from wedding to wedding but tends to be around 250 to 300 for a full day.

Will we get every single picture you take on the day?
The simple answer to that one is no. The reason for that is that I feel it's part of my job to go through every shot taken on the day with a fine-toothed comb, choose only the ones that have everybody looking at their very best and then make any adjustments that are needed.

bride and groom at wedding reception

Will you use photoshop on our photographs?
On the day of your wedding I'll be shooting in RAW format (the digital equivalent of a negative) as this gives me much more control over how the final images will look. After choosing the best ones I'll do the little bits of editing that need to be done, ranging from altering lighting levels and removing objects in the background right up to swapping the heads of people who were blinking in a group shot.
I will make everyone look their best, but I won't over-use Photoshop to give a fake look.
I reckon I've done my job right if you can't tell that the pictures have been altered at all.

What areas do you cover?
I'm based in Bedfordshire, but I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere. Past weddings have taken me to Kent, Cornwall and Sirmione in Northern Italy as well as covering the local area. If the wedding is a long way from where I'm based there may be a minimal charge for travel or accommodation.

What happens if your camera breaks?
I'll use the other one and keep going.
This has actually happened to me but the couple had no idea until I told them when I delivered the finished photographs.

Any other questions?
Just drop me an email, a Tweet or a phone call, I'd love to hear about your wedding!

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